A smart light system is a practical thing. Simply by voice command or app different lamps on and off, or change the color temperature. But what do guests do, for example, when they want to turn on the light in a smart home? As strange as it sounds at first glance, a classic light switch can not really be used in networked lighting systems. He is even more of a problem.

Smart light systems do not like light switches

If a smart light bulb is used in an existing ceiling light, it can be turned on and off with the existing light switch, but the switch also cuts off the light bulb's power supply. This can then no longer be controlled by app or voice command. And if a smart lamp has been turned off by the app, it can not be turned on by a normal light switch.

Therefore, smart light switches are unfortunately also needed for a smart lamp system. In cooperation with the manufacturers Feller, Niko and Vimar, Philips is expected to offer from the fourth quarter of 2018 three new switches, matching the Hue system. With them different light scenes can be called up and lamps dimmed. The models fit into ordinary single and multiple wall frames, making it easy to replace existing light switches.

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