Philips launches new models of UHD 4K TVs


Philips 8303 and 8503 are equipped with Nano IPS UHD 4K Panels, Ambilight on three sides, P5 image processor, Android TV, or keyboard and microphone compatible with Google Assistant. Each model can be found in two sizes of 49 "and 55"

According to Philips, IPS Nano Color technology enhances the color palette of the TV screen, covering up to 90% of the DCI WCG color space. Compatible with HDR Premium and HDR +, the new TV models can achieve a brightness of up to 400 knots, enough to produce productions originally intended for movie theaters.

Ambilight technology, designed to create ambient light that prolongs the screen action on the walls of the room, is provided. The audio system with DTS HD Premium Suite technology promises to enhance the audio experience when viewing movies. Also helpful is the Philips Triple Ring membrane diffuser, installed as a subwoofer and adapted to maximize performance using the limited space allowed by the slim design of Philips TVs

The two new Philips models come with a keyboard and microphone remote control. The keyboard makes it easy to use Android TV and Internet browsing while the microphone can be used to activate Google Assistant, which will soon be available on several Philips models

Differences between the two series

Although both TVs are equipped with 2.1 sound systems, their power differs.

8303 generates a total power of 25W with the following configuration: 2 6.25W speakers and 12.5W woofer

8503 is an upgrade for those who want a stronger sound, the TV has a front-mounted soundbar placed under the screen. The total sound power is 45W: two speakers in the front soundbar (7.5W x2) and a 30W woofer

As for the stands where the TV sets are placed, the 8303 comes with a clear glass stand, while the 8503 features a metallic one.

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