phone bag with "airbag"

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Philip Frenzel, an engineer at Aalen University in Germany, invented a new type of smartphone protector pouch that promises to protect the phones from accidents. Instead of using materials that take over the edge of the phone or screen, Frenzel's solution works like an "airbag" for the device, using a series of metal blades that come out automatically when the phone is in danger

Currently, this pouch does not have an official name, but the prototype called "AD Case" seems to be 100% functional. The protectors' corners hide two metal blades with a damping function. They are curved outward to take on the impact of a landing, creating a distance of a few millimeters between the phone and the floor. On impact, the phone may "jump" a few times, but the chance to encounter a broken glass or glass back after impact is almost totally eliminated

After the phone is raised from below, the corners can be folded back into the case, being prepared to protect the phone again in the future. The design of the cover is not aesthetically pleasing, adding some thickness to all parts of the phone, but it is likely that for many users this aesthetic detail disappears in front of the investment protection of several hundred euros (or thousands, in the case of ultra-premium models.)

At the moment, the airbag is not available for sale, Philip Frenzel preparing a funding campaign through Kickstarter to bring AD Houses to the market. What should definitely be tested very well before launch is the automatic opening system, which should not work in your pocket or purse

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