Pixel 2 XL phones may get fire due to a bug sneaked with the upgrade to Android 8.1


Despite the fact that Google's development has been carefully pursued, the Pixel 2 series of phones have not been avoided, most of them being quickly corrected by delivering software updates. But just one of the most important updates has introduced a bug that expose Pixel 2 XL phone users to fire risk caused by overcharging the battery

The problem arises with the use of power adapters different from those included in the standard accessory package, thus unnoticed by the internal tests made by the engineers of the company

Normally, Pixel 2 XL phones can absorb power up to 18W (9V / 2A) in fast charging mode, overcoming this level being prevented by protection circuits incorporated into the power adapter. The problem is that some AC adapters delivered by third parties allow the supply of a current up to 9V / 2.8A (25W), which can cause overheating of the mobile phone and damage to the battery

When using the AC AC Adapter, overload is detected, the effect being to temporarily stop charging the battery. After successive attempts, signaled by sound alerts from the mobile phone, charging the battery is resumed using a limited charging current at a safe value. But other AC adapters do not include this protection mechanism, exposing Pixel 2 XL phones to charging conditions beyond hardware specifications

What can happen, we all know the experiences of the Galaxy Note 7 users. But the circumstances are different, here it is not the faulty batteries in the factory. It remains to be seen if Google will correct the problems reported in due course, thus avoiding unpleasant incidents.

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