Pixelmator Pro: Big Update with Touch Bar Support

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In our test, Pixelmator Pro was quite convincing and in some areas even the big competition Photoshop leave behind. Especially for users who value ease of use, Pixelmator Pro is a good alternative. And that the developers do not rest on their laurels, shows the update released today to version 1.1.

From now on the program also offers a new export function for websites. With it you can choose which format and which resolution should be exported. This export then simultaneously saves the different versions. Larger images can now be cut into smaller parts and then exported in individual parts.

Support for the Touch Bar

The version of the Pixelmator without the Pro addition could already be operated via the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro models, with the update now also the Pro Version after. Many of the menu items in the program’s sidebar can now be controlled by finger and switched between different filters, for example.

The artificial intelligence that Pixelmator Pro 1.1 uses for the first time is not completely unsettling. Machine learning enables automatic color correction. Also the brightness and the contrast can optimize the program now automatically.

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Pixelmator Pro

Developer: UAB Pixelmator Team

Pixelmator Pro is available for download at the Mac App Store for $ 64.99 and requires macOS 10.13 or newer.

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