Plaintiff Demands Sales Stop for Siri Devices

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The patent valuer Portal Communications owns three patents, which in his view will be violated by Apple’s voice assistant Siri. The plaintiff wants a sales stop for all devices dur sit on top of Siri. This would not only affect all iOS devices, but also the HomePod and Mac series as well as the Apple Watch.

The three patents of Portal Communications from the years 2012, 2011 and 2008 mainly concern the conversion of spoken commands in a way that can also be understood and implemented by the computer.

Because of the alleged patent infringement, Portal Communications is now seeking damages from Apple and wants to stop selling the devices running Siri. As a rule, such disputes are more martial than they are afterwards. Thus, in the cases we are aware of, either legal action is granted or rejected, and in some cases damages are also awarded to the claimants.

Apple did not develop Siri from scratch, but bought it from another company in 2010 and implemented it in iOS for the first time since 2011. Whether Portal Communications has sued other providers of language assistants, is not known. All Apple competitors such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft use their own implementations of language assistants.

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