Plantronics Announces New Range of RIG 500 PRO Gaming Headphones with Bucket Exoskeleton and Dedicated Volume Control for Consoles

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Plantronics has launched the new RIG 500 PRO series of audio gaming headphones. According to the manufacturer, these "have been created to deliver high-fidelity sound in ultra-light design." The RIG 500 PRO series headphones are the first in their category to have an exoskeleton for ear cups and an acoustically insulated interior chamber that reduces distortion.

The 50 mm premium speakers offer an extended frequency response, and the special ear cup material reduces environmental noise and gives gamers the convenience of long game sessions.

Console editions come packaged with the RIG Game Audio Dial, a 3.5mm integrated volume control for wireless gaming controllers. Thus, users can adjust the volume without leaving the controller in the hand

PC models have a built-in potentiometer.

RIG 500 PRO series, main technical characteristics:

50 mm premium speakers

Microphone with removable ambient noise canceling function with mute option

Removable or replaceable removable audio cables

Removable earmuffs, completely cushioned in material for maximum respiration, or in dual material for a balanced combination of comfort and soundproofing

Isolated Sound Meters to Reduce Distortions

Easy-to-use RIG Game Audio Dial for models compatible with Xbox One and PS4

Built-in volume control slider for PC-compatible models

Possibility to benefit from three-dimensional sound through a pre-paid Dolby Atmos for Headphones activation code

The RIG 500 PRO series for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows 10 will be available in Romania soon.

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