Podcasts Huge Success for Apple

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Fast Company reports that Apple Podcasts marks a significant milestone in downloads and streams has reached 50 billion downloads in March 2018, a massive increase from the 13.7 billion in year 2 017. These numbers include both downloads in iTunes and the podcast app, as well as streams.

Comparative figures help to illustrate growth. In 2014, there were 7 billion podcast downloads, in 2016, this number rose to 10.5 billion. In 2017, Apple recorded 13.7 billion episode downloads and streams through podcasts and iTunes. In March 2018, users completed 50 billion episode downloads and streams.

In 2005, Apple introduced podcasts in iTunes. There are now podcasts on iTunes in 100 languages ​​and 155 countries.

Several improvements have been made to the podcast platform in iOS 11. The service includes Seasons support, Podcast Analytics, and interface customization. Eddy Cue had previously stressed that Apple wanted to promote the media format especially. At the 2017 Code Media Conference, Cue promised that Apple will have new features for podcasts up its sleeve and said the company should “do more” to improve the platform.

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