Pokemon Go opens support for older iPhone and iPad


Pokemon Go was one of the most popular applications in the world around the launch of 2016. Many original users have dropped out of the mobile game but still have a very passionate community that works every day. Unfortunately for some of the players, some older Apple devices will no longer have access to the game, the reason being to switch to new AR features incompatible with older iOS versions

Virtually any iOS device released until 2013 that does not have access to iOS 11 will be removed from the list of compatible devices. Among the newest phones and tablets of these generations are iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C as well as iPad Mini 1 and iPad 4. Earlier devices equipped with iOS 9 are also affected by this decision

Niantic, the development studio behind the game, announced that the game will be deactivated on old devices on February 28, which coincides with a scheduled game update that will improve certain elements. The game already integrates into AR compatible graphics-compatible devices and a more accurate positioning of characters in real space, but most likely the new update will completely give up the old way of displaying pokemon in AR (augmented reality).

Those who want to continue the game will have to turn to a new generation device such as iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8 or X.

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