POLL: Is President Trump Mentally Fit To Lead America?


Liberals have rehashed an already closed debate. The media continues to push the question of President Donald Trump’s mental health.

Many liberal lawmakers have even visited a psychiatrist to find some merit to their argument, but continue to end up empty-handed.

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Do you believe that Donald Trump is mentally fit to lead America?

The question has been raised again by the release of a new book by New York journalist Michael Wolff, which chronicles the first year of the Trump White House.

The book – the accuracy of which has been disputed by the White House and queried by others – paints the president as impatient and unable to focus, prone to rambling and repeating himself.

Mr Trump has hit back against Mr Wolff’s account, claiming on Twitter to be a “very stable genius” whose “two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart”.

But the president’s manner and speaking style have led to armchair diagnoses of a host of ailments, from Alzheimer’s to narcissistic personality disorder – a controversial practice that has divided the medical profession.

What are people saying?
The current flurry of speculation has been triggered by the book Fire and Fury, in which Mr Wolff writes that during the course of his access to the White House preparing the book, he witnessed people around President Trump become aware that “his mental powers were slipping”.

During the marketing campaign for the book, Mr Wolff said Mr Trump, 71, repeated himself often. Repetition can be caused by poor short-term memory, as well as by other factors. It can be a sign of dementia, which affects 5-8% of people aged 60 and over worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.


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4 Comments on “POLL: Is President Trump Mentally Fit To Lead America?”

  1. Abolishing some of the evil laws implemented by Democrats, no country will strive under the devilish people. Trump love America and America first.

  2. We love president trump!!!
    It was not “INcompetence” that caused him to beat 17 other candidates!!! It was his superior “COMPETENCE “and Mental superiority that overwhelmed them!! So who is The idiots asking such a foolish question;” Is president trump incompetent”… ?Mentally ? Wow!! Hurry , and go check yourself into the nearest mentally insane institution!!!

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