POLL: Should Kathy Griffin Be ARRESTED For Her Attacks on Donald and Barron Trump?

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Do you believe that Kathy Griffin should be CHARGED and ARRESTED for her comments about Barron Trump and the picture of her holding “Trump’s” decapitated head?

By any measure, Kathy Griffin’s comedy tour last year was a big hit. She traveled to 15 countries and played regal venues (such as the Sydney Opera House) as she dished about the devastating fallout from a 2017 photograph in which she posed with a gory mask that looked like Donald Trump’s decapitated head. The redemptive set was called, appropriately enough, “Laugh Your Head Off.” It raked in $4.4 million, and it earned her a rave review from The New York Times.

But when Griffin returned to her Bel Air home last October, she quickly realized that Hollywood wasn’t ready to forgive her. Even despite her touring success, every executive in town regarded her as an unemployable comic who’d crossed the line. She tried to shop around a comedy special, but Netflix and HBO passed. She wanted to do a reality show about what it was like to have her First Amendment rights attacked by the president. That idea was met with crickets. Finally, she took her fate into her own hands. Griffin self-financed her first concert movie, employing a camera crew to record her last tour performance. She hired director Troy Miller and paid for everything, right down to the posters.

The portrait of Griffin in the film is different from the caustic comedian from “Suddenly Susan” or “My Life on the D-List.” She’s still funny, but also raw, furious and a voice of Trump’s resistance. After the photograph — which Griffin later apologized for — went viral, people on the street accused her of joining ISIS. She lost all her income and endorsement deals. CNN fired her from her gig hosting New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper, who also ended the pair’s off-camera friendship.

That wasn’t the worst of it. According to Griffin, the Trump administration tried to ruin her to make an example out of her. She was added to the No Fly List of suspected terrorists, which led to detainments at airports. She says she underwent lengthy federal investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Secret Service on suspicion of conspiracy to assassinate the president. If she’d been charged and found guilty, the punishment would have been life in prison. (A spokesperson from the DOJ declined to comment.)

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