Porsche could produce "flying cars" for passenger transport, inspired by drone technology

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The news was given even by Porsche's sales manager, Detlev von Platen, to a German publication

To begin with, Porsche takes into account the delivery of Fleet Vehicles for air taxi services, a possible success here being able to motivate the expansion of the business to deliver and flight vehicles for personal use

With electric propulsion and based on technologies similar to those used in recreational drones, new flying vehicles could operate both completely autonomous and guided by the passenger on board. However, it is not about direct piloting, the flight computer has the task of interpreting received orders, stopping risky maneuvers or leaving the authorized flight lane

Without the need for a pilot license and only a minimal training, almost anyone can use air taxi services to jump over town traffic jams. But for now, the legislative framework to allow such flights in urban areas is at the stage of discussion, with questions still remaining on the safe side.

Porsche is not the only car manufacturer to be interested in flying vehicles, Volkswagen announcing a similar project to last year's Geneva Motor Show. Volcopter (a startup supported by the Daimler Group), the French Airbus, Lilium Jet, eVolo and the American company Terrafugia are also on the list

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