President Trump leads all Democrats in Iowa Poll

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According to new poll by Emerson released on Tuesday Dec 10, President Trump leads all Democratic candidates in Iowa, the Hill reported.

The president leads pete buttigieg by 1 percentage point- 46 percent to 45 percent

Trump also leads former Vice President Joe Biden by 4 points with 49 percent support for the president while 45 percent support Biden.

The president leads both Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) by 7 points – 50 percent to 43 percent.

While having  the closest trailing behind Trump, Pete Buttigieg trails both Biden and Sanders in Iowa.

“The two Democratic front-runners in the poll are neck and neck for the top spot, with Biden at 23 percent and Sanders at 22 percent. Buttigieg was the favorite for 18 percent of voters polled.” the Hill reported.

Sens. Elizabeth Warren has declined to the fourth spot in the poll, at 12% support.

The poll was conducted from Dec. 7 to Dec. 10  from a total of 1,043 voters.

Besides poll in Iowa, another new poll published on Sunday, Dec. 8, by Firehouse Strategies shows a very bright sign for President Trump of winning the re-election in 2020 while casting a worrisome signal  for Democrats who embarking on impeachment process with an effort to see the president to go down in 2020.

In three key battleground states of  Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, in which President Trump secured a victory in 2016, voters seem to support President Trump since Democrats formally moved forward with impeachment. Trump also leads all Democratic candidates in these states.

In Michigan, Trump leads Biden by 5%, Sanders by 6%, Warren by 9%, Buttigieg by 11%, and Bloomberg by 11%.

In Pennsylvania, the president keeps doing well against Democratic opponents with the president leading Biden by 4%, Warren by 7%, Sanders by 11%, Buttigieg by 6%, and Bloomberg by 4%.

In Wisconsin, President Trump seems to perform better than the other survey states with the president leading 9% against Biden, 12% against Warren, 13% against Sanders, 11% against Buttigieg, and 12% against Bloomberg.

Firehouse gives the summary findings of the poll, showing the prospect of a win in 2020 for President Trump: “Overall, we find President Trump performing well in these crucial 2020 states. While these numbers will fluctuate as the presidential election continues, Trump is well situated to win back these contests.”

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