President Trump Sideswipes Obama – There’s A Reason Barry’s More “Popular” Than Donald


I never thought of this way – I think you’re right, Mr. President!

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Despite the constant barrage of mainstream news, Trump is doing well among Americans.

In fact, throughout his first two years in office, he has seen his approval rating matching Obama’s. In some cases, it was better.

But it’s a plain fact that around the world, people don’t like Donald Trump. Polls come out, claiming that Obama was more popular than Trump.


President Trump talked about his popularity around the world during a rally. He made it very clear that, while Obama was playing a popularity game, Donald is actually doing his job.

From Washington Examiner:

President Trump embraced his lack of global popularity during a Monday night campaign rally in North Carolina, suggesting former President Barack Obama was well-liked because he was too easy on other world leaders.

“The day that I’m more popular than him, I’m not doing my job,” Trump said of Obama to an enthusiastic crowd on Monday.

Boom! Trump criticized reports that he is less popular than Obama among our allied countries.

Well, duh! Obama bowed to the rest of the world. He was a wimp when it came to getting our foreign allies to do their job.

We were bankrolling NATO. Now, Trump is forcing countries like Germany to pay their fair share.

People don’t like to pay their bills. Even people with lots of cash don’t want to pay what they owe.

Trump is putting AMERICA first. He doesn’t really care if the Commies in Europe don’t like it.

He plays hardball, which is why he scored better trade deals for American workers.

Even in the United States, he is pushing policy that might upset bean counters and “economic experts.” But he’s doing it so America can thrive in a world that bows to China.

This is the single biggest reason the left—and the establishment in D.C.—hate Trump. He actually is doing the job of the president.

He’s putting Americans first, instead of lobbyists, special interests, and foreign nations.

And that’s something the swamp hates most of all.

The rest of us? We like it very much. And we’d rather have an “unpopular” president than a clown that looks good for the cameras.


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