Preventing access to websites on the Mac – how it works

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If your kids use your Mac, you’ll want to make sure your little ones do not surf on non-age-appropriate websites. In addition to the typical adult pages, you can also lock other pages from access. On the Mac, you have the option to blacklist certain pages. We’ll briefly tell you how it works and what you should be aware of.

As an administrator you have the option In addition to limited access, you can also specify certain websites that can not be opened or you can turn the tables instead of just blocking a few websites. We’ll explain how it works.

Log in first as an administrator on your Mac. Now open the system settings via the Apple logo in the upper left corner and then select “Users & Groups”. Now click on the lock icon and unlock the settings by entering your password.

Now select the user you want to manage from the sidebar. Now tick “Activate parental control” and then click on “Open Parental Control”. Now select the “Web” tab. Here you have the choice between three options. If you select “Only sites for the elderly” as possible, then sites with pornographic content are largely blocked. If you click on “Customize …”, you can go one step further and enter additional pages that can not be accessed. To do so, click on the plus symbol below “Never allow these websites:”, enter the address and confirm your entry by clicking on “OK”.

Alternatively, you can enable the “Allow access to only these sites” option so that only the sites you specify can be viewed. However, this greatly limits the Web for your children. Once you have made all the settings, you can exit the system settings.

Note: The restriction of websites is independent of the browser. So it does not matter if Safari, Google Chrome or another browser is used. The websites are in any case closed.

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