Previous. A judge ruled that Samsung may neglect software updates for its smartphones

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Samsung, the world's largest smartphone player, does not move very fast when it comes to delivering the latest versions of Android to customers, and the same can be said about security updates or those that solve some problems and bugs. In the Netherlands, the company was sued for this reason by an organization that advocates consumer rights. Consumentenbond wants Samsung to provide security updates for all its phone models for two years after they were bought by consumers.

The company claimed in court that it provides 24-month updates for all smartphones it launches in the Netherlands, but from the date they reach stores . However, Consumentenbond has provided examples of models that did not have this treatment.

As you can see, Samsung says it provides updates from the date the phones arrive on the market, and the organization requires that they be provided from the moment they reach the end customers.

The process was won by Samsung. The judge ruled that Consumentenbond's requirements are "inadmissible" as it refers to "actions of the future".

One of the reasons why Samsung fails to quickly update its smartphones or all the models in the portfolio is the large number of terminals it launches. Consumentenbond has said about this strategy: "Samsung has decided to bring so many models to the market and has not forced them to do so."

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