Produces PlayNitride MicroLED for Apple Watch?

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PlayNitride has received approval from the Taiwanese authorities to build a new production facility. It is said to be built in Hsinchu Sciene Park, an industrial area.

Apple may play a role in this company’s investment. Rumor has it that the two companies are in contact and establish a cooperation. However, PlayNitride did not want to comment on these rumors.

Apple Watch with MicroLED Display?

Apple itself has already made investments in MicroLED technology. In 2015, the iPhone manufacturer opened a laboratory in Taiwan to research the technology. Since then, however, the company has steadily downsized its team and relocated research and development to MicroLED in the US

Most recently, Apple said it would produce prototypes of MicroLED displays in Santa Clara, California. As a producer, the company from Cupertino relies on TSMC. The company mainly manufactures the A-Series SoCs that are used in iPhones and iPads.

Advantages over OLED

Just as OLED displays offered more contrast and color correctness than LCDs, This applies equally to MicroLED displays over OLEDs. MicroLED can be addressed even faster, is even thinner, brighter and more energy efficient.

Whether the new technology will be used in the Apple Watch this year, as rumors from 2017 suggest, remains unclear. Most recently, much pointed to a deployment in 2019.

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