Protect your iPhone – These tips are your best bet

All kinds of sensitive data such as e-mails can be found on the iPhone , Contact details, bank details, notes, pictures and so much more. Of course you want to know this data protected. Apple has therefore made an effort that laymen can protect their device quickly and easily against unauthorized access. We would like to introduce you to three important functions.

Protecting your data with a longer passcode

When it comes to security, then it depends on the length. A longer and more complex password is harder to figure out and therefore provides more security.

Open the Settings app and select "Touch ID & Code" or "Face ID & Code" on iPhone X. Tap "Enable Code" if it's not already there, otherwise just tap "Change Code" and enter the current code. Tap "Code Options" and select at least the six-digit numeric code or set your own even longer code. The safest are custom alphanumeric codes.

Check if iCloud and "Find my iPhone" are enabled

If you lost your iPhone or it was stolen, then "Search my iPhone " very helpful. To unlock the service, you must first enable iCloud.

Open the Settings app and select your Apple ID right above. Make sure that iCloud is enabled and check that under "iCloud" under the heading "Apps using iCloud" "Search my iPhone" is set to "On". Otherwise, tap the service and slide the slider to the right. We also recommend that you enable the Send Last Location feature.

Protect Data in the Lock Screen

Of messages about calendar events in Today view, the lock screen can be extremely useful, but unfortunately too reveal as much personal information unintentionally. However, this can be easily solved by disabling the corresponding functions for the lock screen.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select "Touch ID & Code" (or "Face ID & Code"). Scroll to the bottom of "Allow access on the lock screen". Slide the knobs to the left next to each function, but be aware that sometimes it disables useful features.


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