PUBG for the iPhone: Free and Now Available in Germany

Hundreds of players who are struggling to survive on a map are playing the Battle Royale shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Only available for the PC and the Xbox One, but a few days ago launched the beta test of PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS. From today the game is officially available in many regions, also German players can download it already.

The implementation is almost completely about the PC version. Only the graphics resolution has been adjusted slightly and some details have been changed in the game. For example, objects are picked up automatically and a target help on the iPhone and iPad to facilitate the battles. You have to get used to the controller in comparison to the PC version. It is implemented via on-screen buttons and a digital analog stick. On the number of maximum 100 players and the enormous size of the maps (8x8 kilometers), however, nothing has changed and also different vehicles can be controlled again. Who wants to start a voice chat with other players?

System Requirements and Price

PUBG Mobile requires at least iOS 9 and should be playable from an iPhone 5s. But at least one iPhone 6 is recommended. The game is offered for free in the App Store and is around 890 MB in size. The PC version currently costs about 30 euros.

             Download on the App Store

PUBG Mobile

Developer: Tencent Mobile International Limited

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