Purchases Foxconn accessory manufacturer Belkin?

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For about 866 Milli US dollars, Hong Kong-based Foxconn subsidiary FIT Hon Teng is to acquire the accessory manufacturer Belkin. This is currently reported by the Financial Times. Together with Belkin, FIT will also take over the brands Linksys, Phyn and Wemo. According to the report, FIT wants to get into the smart home business. The aim is to create products that work with major platforms such as Apple's HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home. At the same time, they will also acquire the approximately 700 patents from Belkin in order to create appealing products for the future.

Belkin has long been a fixture in Apple's accessory universe. The company boasts countless high quality accessories for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and other devices. With accessories such as protective cases, screen protectors, smart home devices, cables and adapters, Belkin covers a broad field for all Apple products. For example, the Rockstar Audio and Lightning adapter was a new option. In addition, the company also recently announced new wireless chargers for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. In addition to the simple variants presented here, a model that can load two devices at the same time.

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