Qarnot QC-1 is a "crypto-radiator" that mines virtual coins and heats the home


A French company has launched a "crypto-radiator". Qarnot QC-1 mines virtual coins and uses the resulting heat from the process to heat the surrounding space. The device includes two Sapphire NITRO + RX 580 video cards that offer a 60 MH / s hashrate

According to the manufacturer, the QC-1 can heat a room of 20 square meters. The radiator has a dedicated application and can operate at up to 650 W capacity. The Qarnot QC-1 was designed to mine Ethereum, but it can also be used for other virtual coins

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The Cripto heater can generate the equivalent of $ 120 in Ethereum per month without taking into account the electricity consumption. Qarnot QC-1 costs 2,900 euros

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