Qi: Mophie Charge Stream Pad + presented with quick charge function.

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Supplied to the manufacturer The lot should be the Charge Stream Pad + namely the first universal wireless charger, which offers a quick charge for Apple and Samsung devices. To achieve this, the charger provides the current iPhone models with 7.5 watts. For a gentle charging process, the Charge Stream Pad + communicates with the iPhone and adjusts the charging energy accordingly.

When it comes to design, Mophie does not reinvent the wheel and puts it on a traditional look. Flat and circular, it looks like most other wireless chargers for smartphones. The rubberised surface ensures a secure hold.

Together with the charging pad, buyers will receive a wall adapter as well as a USB A to microUSB cable, whereby the color of the charger can be selected. The manufacturer offers here a black and white color variant. Not only can new iPhone models be charged wirelessly with the Charge Stream Pad +, but with the “Mophie Charge Force Juice Pack” cases, even older models can be charged wirelessly.

The Mophie Charge Stream Pad + is now available in the US and costs $ 59.95. An announcement for Germany is currently pending. Priced, the device is likely to put in this country at about 60 €.

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Mophie 3967_JPA-IP7-BLK-I Charging Case Juice Pack Air for Apple iPhone 7 Black

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