Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 632, 439, 429

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Lately we have witnessed the acquisition of high-end phone features and the lower price range. I started with a full-screen design with a narrow frame around the screen, then continued with the dual camera system and advanced features provided with artificial intelligence technologies. But all of this comes with some hardware requirements, and new chipsets are needed to get truly convincing performance

Responding to the requirements, Qualcomm launches three new chipsets for mid-range mobile devices, supporting AI technologies such as automatic recognition of scenes and image objects. Equipped with an improved image processor, the Snapdragon 632 supports up to 24MP (single mode) camera, or dual camera with two 13MP sensors. The Snapdragon 439 reduces the resolution to 21MP (single mode), or 8 + 8MP in dual-mode mode, and the low-end Snapdragon 439 delivers 16MP (single camera) and 8 + 8MP (dual camera) resolution

The three chipsets receive Adreno 506, 505, and 504 graphics core, increasing game performance compared to the previous series

The mobile internet connection is provided in the Snapdragon 632 with an LTE X9 modem, the Snapdragons 439 and 429 series supporting 4G X6 connections

The first devices equipped with the new Qualcomm chipset series are expected to launch in the second half of this year. The good news is that they are compatible with the current platforms developed for the Snapdragon 626, 625 and 450 chipsets, making it easier for OEMs to quickly refresh the already existing phones on the market, taking advantage of the new chipsets

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