Raw surprise in iOS 12 and fixed image import via SD adapter


More and more details are coming to iOS 12 Licht, which Apple did not specifically address during the keynote address of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), significantly improved the import of photos with the SD card adapter, as well as raw data images (RAW) better supported.

While experimenting with the iOS 12 developer beta on a 12.9 “iPad Pro, DPrewciew’s photography-focused website discovered a handful of improvements in photo processing.

Special value seems Apple has opted for improvements to the import workflow for photos: If you plug an SD card into Apple’s Lightning adapter, the photo application appears as an overlay over the currently used app, whereas iOS 12 displays the Photos app in full screen when importing, so users can continue working while the images are being imported.

When photos are detected on the map, iOS 12 automatically sorts the content and detects if the photos have already been imported. This prevents inadvertently importing duplicates. Another new feature is image counters at the top of the screen and how much space is occupied on the card.

Photos can be viewed in full-screen mode before being imported, whereas previously only tiny thumbnails were displayed that included a rating almost impossible.

According to DPreview, the import speed has also been significantly improved. When transferring RAW photos from an SD card to the iPad Pro, which was at least 25 MB each, the transfer rate increased from 1.2 seconds per photo on iOS 11 to approximately 0.8 seconds per photo on iOS 12 Beta 1. This one-third improvement is clearly noticeable.

iOS 12 is scheduled for release in the fall of 2018.

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