Razer Core X eGPU chassis with Mac support

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Razer has updated its portfolio of external graphics card enclosures, including the new Core X. It’s mi compatible with current Macs.

Razer Core X on Mac for Beginners

The Core X is for beginners and costs $ 299. You can connect the case via the Thunderbolt 3 connector on the MacBook Pro. MacOS High Sierra (10.13.4 or later) recognizes the external video card and allows you to use it promptly. However, you should primarily choose a graphics card of the type AMD Radeon.

Nvidia offers official drivers for a whole heron of its graphics cards for macOS. Nevertheless, Razer’s system seems to be taking a back seat at the moment. Anyway when using with Apple’s desktop operating system. Because under Windows 10, there are no such concerns on the part of the manufacturer.

Differences to Core V2

The new product offers, for example, no Ethernet port and no USB compared to the Core V2 -Connection. But it manages a more efficient power budget. You can also use more powerful graphics cards thanks to the 650-watt power supply.

Incidentally, you’ll need them in any case as well. Because the Core X is just an eGPU chassis without graphics card.

High Sierra integrates support for eGPU

Apple has admitted that graphics cards, but above all, their performance is not is underestimated. The Mac Pro in garbage can design was just right. Apple admitted that they had hoped the technology would move towards energy efficiency and compactness. That did not happen. Apple takes this into account with the integration of eGPU into its desktop operating system.

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