Razer Phone switches from Android 7.1.1 directly to 8.1 Oreo


Razer Phone seems to have been the first successful attempt of the gaming device manufacturer on a crowded market. Besides the fact that it came with very powerful hardware and a unique display on the market, it seems to receive very good software support from the development team. Razer Phone will not make the transition from Android 7.1.1 to 8.0, but will go directly to the newest Android operating system, Android 8.1

Many leading manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei are only just launching updates to Android 8.0 for devices launched more than a year ago. However, Razer Phone decided to go straight to 8.1, the Razer Phone being available in the market last autumn. The differences between the two versions of Android Oreo are not major, but the fact that a new player on the market can make the transition in such a short time to a newer version of the software, inspires confidence for those who have already bought their phone or those who considered this model for the future.

Users do not have to wait a lot for Android 8.1 launch for Razer Phone. The company prepares the final update for mid-April, the most anxious can now install a beta version for testing. Of course, this is unfinished, so various problems, more or less annoying in the user experience can be encountered.

Currently, Razer has not provided details of a next generation of Razer Phone and has not even talked about the accessory that turns the phone into a gaming laptop after introducing the concept at CES 2018.

Razer Phone Android Developer Preview

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