Read Mac Life on the iPhone with Readly

Spotify knows everyone: they pay $ 9.99 a month and get access to a huge collection of music. So when, where and how often do you want to listen to your favorite music without having to buy individual songs or albums.

The Spotify for Magazines

Do you already know Readly? Readly is considered the spotify of the magazine industry. The principle is similar. Again, you get access to a huge selection of journals for a price of 9.99 euros a month. In addition to over 600 German-language magazine titles, the offer also includes a lot of international magazines. Overall, you can choose from over 2,600 journals. In addition to the current edition, the copies from the previous months are also available.

Special offer for all readers of Mac Life: Test now Readly 3 months for only 9,99 Euro!

Also all editions of Mac Life, which have been published since 2014 until today, can be found at Readly. Just like all other titles of Falkemedia. So, if you've been more and more annoyed that you do not always have the latest issue of Mac Life with you, if you have the time and your appetite to browse, a Readly membership is the perfect solution.

Browse comfortably on the iPad

After signing in to Readly, it's best to install the free Readly app on your iPhone or iPad directly. This means you can get your Mac Life directly on your smartphone or on your tablet. Undoubtedly the best reading experience is the iPad with its large display. But even on the iPhone, you can browse through the issue comfortably and read the articles that interest you. The app offers you a special mobile reading mode, in which the article adapts perfectly to the size of the device. Of course, the Readly app is also available for Android devices and for Kindle Fire.

If you would like to browse through your favorite magazines on a PC or notebook, use Readly's online reader.

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What do you estimate, what it costs you, to subscribe to over 600 German-language magazines? Readly costs you only 9.99 euros per month! As a rule, the magazine flatrate pays off even if you leaf through only two or three magazines a month.

Test Readly for a special price

Try Readly's Magazine Flatrate now and read the new edition of Mac Life conveniently online or via app on your smartphone or tablet. Especially for all readers of Mac Life Readly offers a very special offer. Get the first three months magazine flatrate for only 9.99 euros. You pay the equivalent of only 3.33. euros per month! By the way, there are not long contract periods with Readly. The offer can be canceled on a monthly basis.

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