Readly: So Have Your Mac Life Always With You

In the waiting room at the doctor, at a long Train ride, while browsing the Apple Store: how often do you wish you had the latest edition of Mac Life and could catch up on news from Cupertino or quickly read which iPad best to ei fits. But most of the time you do not have Mac Life right there.

With Readly this can not happen to you anymore. Readly is often described as Spotify for magazines. As with the music streaming service, you also pay € 9.99 a month for Readly. Only you will not get access to a huge selection of music, but on Mac Life and more than 2,600 journal titles! And that applies not only to the current edition, but also to many past ones. See Readily's Mac Life edition since January 2014. The issues of the special issue series Mac Life Wissen as well as all other magazines of Falkemedia, which have since come on the market, can be found in the archive.

An account for the whole family

Readly was published in 2012 Sweden founded. The company has been active in Germany since 2014. While the offer was initially very manageable with 70 journals, customers now have more than 600 German-language titles to choose from. You will find magazines from all conceivable topics. Starting with Men's Health, home improvement practice and Playboy to Princess Lillifee for the very young readers.

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At Readly, the whole family gets their money's worth - even through a single account. For example, with Readly it is possible to create up to five different user profiles. Thanks to the different profiles, each family member can suggest interesting titles to match the history of the book, save favorites, set bookmarks, and customize reading preferences. And if the whole family wants to read at the same time, that's no problem either. You can use Readly in parallel on up to five devices.

Read it offline without any problems

After you have registered with Readly, you immediately have access to all available journal titles. How and where to read your favorite magazines is up to you. Either on the PC or notebook via the online reader ( or via the app on your iPhone or iPad - of course, the use of Android and Kindle Fire devices is also possible. Incidentally, you can also scroll via app in your magazines, if just no internet connection is available. Use the Readly app to save up to 500 issues locally on your smartphone or tablet and read them offline.

If you are using Readly for the first time, you can use the search function to search for the latest edition of Mac Life. Double-click on the cover to open the magazine and browse pages from page to page. If you'd rather rummage through the offer, click on "Magazines" and select the category you are interested in. Or, by clicking on Discover, you'll be inspired by which magazines are currently on the list for the other Ready readers.

Search Article Archives

Readly offers you more than just " just "the ability to digitally read current and past editions of over 2,600 journals. The search function allows you to search the database not only for magazine titles, but also for article content. For example, if you want to find out more about the iPhone X, simply enter the term in the search field. As a hit you will receive, among other things, the article "The ultimate guide for the iPhone X" from the February issue of Mac Life. Click on the hit to go to the corresponding article.

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If you like reading an article very special, mark it with a bookmark. These bookmarks can then be found in your profile under the menu item "My Content". There you will also find the journal titles you have recently browsed through and the titles you have saved as "Favorites."

Test Your Magazine Flatrate

Readly has Mac Life and your other favorite magazines always with you. And that for a price of only 9.99 euros per month. And for you as a reader of Mac Life Readly is even cheaper! Test your magazine flatrate in the first three months for only 9.99. euros! So you only pay 3.33 euros per month - less than a single magazine costs in commerce. Then the regular monthly price is due. Fear of making long-term commitments, you do not have to. The offer of Readly can be terminated on a monthly basis.

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