Real data flat with MagentaMobil XL

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MagentaMobil XL is called the top tariff of the German Telekom.The user can enjoy not only a telephone and SMS Flatrate in all German nets but also a genuine Datenf latrate, without throttling after a certain transfer volume. The price amounts to 79.95 euros per month.

The maximum available LTE speed in the telecom network is currently at 300 MBit / s, which also gets the user of the tariff. Who orders the tariff, must carry a supply price of 39.95 euros and accept a contract period of two years. In other words, there are costs totaling € 1,958.75. A proud sum.

The unlimited telephone and SMS flatrate also apply in other EU countries, but this is not the case with the data flatrate. Here there is “only” 23 GB transfer volume per month. Anyone who needs more will pay 7,14 Euro per gigabyte

Unfortunately, the tariff has another catch, and it hits users of the Apple Watch 3 LTE. For this, a MultiSIM is needed as an eSIM and Deutsche Telekom wants an additional 30 Euro per month for this.

The tariff can be booked now.

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