Recycling Entrepreneur Must Go to Prison Thanks to Microsoft

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The Washington Post is currently reporting on Eric Lundgren. The recycling entrepreneur is going to jail for 15 months. Lundgren estimates his chances of success in court are too low. The cost of a revision before the Supreme Court but so high that he prefers sacrificing his freedom, instead of going to the Supreme Court again in revision. In recent years, he has tried over several instances to present his position, without success.

Microsoft brings recycling entrepreneurs to jail

Co-responsible in this case is also the Apple competitor Microsoft from Redmond. The company claims to this day that Lundgren made pirated copies of its Windows operating system to sell for $ 25 each.

In fact, Lundgren only had recovery CDs made of software that everyone released freely can download the Internet and can only use a valid license key. These CDs sold Lundgren at the cost of 25 cents each at workshops, for the recycling of old Windows computers.

Recovery of Windows hurdle for users

Lundgren uses components of old computer to Repair or reassemble devices. Hard drives are deleted for privacy. However, the devices include Windows licenses. The experience that Lundgren made: users would rather buy a new device that had Windows installed than a used device to restore the operating system to. The old hardware would then no longer be used.

Customs Department seized delivery

In 2012, the misfortune took its course when the US Customs Department seized a shipment of CDs containing recovery versions of Windows.

Lundgren claims the CDs have no value. For Microsoft itself, it is pirated. Because Microsoft itself offered recovery CDs for the price of 25 US dollar to repair workshops. It does not contain any licensed versions of the operating system. Rather, the user must activate them themselves, with a valid key, which he received, for example, when purchasing the computer. Laptops often find on a sticker on the back. Or on manuals. Each user can make a recovery CD, however, with a suitable image, which can be downloaded from the Internet.

Lundgren can not get out of the number

Presumably, the entrepreneur would have one had better position, he would have taken no money for the CDs. Often there are also disputes about software or media that are freely available, but whose license prohibits commercial use.

Either way, Lundgren has given up hope and goes according to Washington Post rather go to jail.

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