Rename HomePod – Rename Apple TV – Here’s how it works

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One device wi For example, it is called “Living Room,” while the other device is named “Living Room (2).” This can lead to unnecessary confusion in the selection of devices, such as via AirPlay from the Mac, since unlike iOS here, no icons are displayed in front of the names that indicate the output device. To avoid this problem, there is currently only one option: to rename the devices. Ideally, you should concentrate on the essential and act in a forward-looking manner. Distribute names such as “Living Room HomePod” or similar.

How to Change the Name of Your Apple TV

To change the name of your Apple TV, go to the Home screen and click Settings then “General> Info> Name”. You can manually enter the new name using Siri Remote, voice input, or an iOS device with the “Apple TV Remote” app.

How to change the name of the HomePod

With the HomePod this works similarly easy. Open the home app on your iPhone or iPad. Press for a long time (or fixed on devices with 3D touch) on the HomePod icon in the “Home” tab. Now select “Settings” and then tap “HomePod” above the assigned room. Now set a name, such as “Living Room HomePod,” and tap “Done.” From now on, you can recognize the devices by name during AirPlay playback.

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