Repair program for "iPhone 7" models with network problems started

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For some time, a small “iPhone 7” user group has been complaining about ongoing problems with the mobile network connection. A bug ensures that no calls are possible, although the mobile data is available and can be used. Apple has now recognized the error and makes a hardware error on the motherboard responsible, which will now be replaced as part of a new repair program.

According to Apple, only a small group of users want this problem with the iPhone Therefore, the company promises a free repair in their own stores to the users concerned, and if the problem has been rectified for a fee before the repair program, the customers will receive their money back and Apple will contact them by e-mail

Besides, it is also important to note that only devices that are in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Makao sold to the US and produced between September 2016 and February 2018, are haunted by this mistake. Apple also announced model numbers that may have the faulty hardware. On the back of the device, the model number can be read quickly. Affected are the following numbers: A1660, A1780 and A1779.

Currently this is Repair program only active in the mentioned countries. Since German users can also have bought an iPhone 7 on a trip to one of these countries, you should contact Apple and describe your request. Whether a free repair is granted in such cases is unknown but is considered very likely.

However, it should be noted that the device should have no other damage such as a broken display in case of repair, since Apple will first fix this damage before dealing with the error from the repair program.

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