Researchers at the University of Harvard have developed a new type of perfect lens that makes it possible to make cameras as thin as they

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Called meta-lenses, devices designed to be electronically controlled like an artificial eye could make it possible to include cameras in tablets and smartphones with a thickness of a slightly thicker sheet of paper.

Perfectly flat, the meta-lenses have a thickness of only 30 microns and can be controlled by applying a low-intensity electric current. According to the research team, artificial-controlled meta-lenses can adjust real-time focusing and correct defects such as chromatic aberrations, geometry and focal point

The technology is also suitable for replacing fixed lenses in spectacles, making compact microscopes and VR / AR devices. But there is interest in cameras and compact camera modules that come to equip mobile devices. The technology also allows the application of optical zoom with high magnification factor or optical image stabilization obtained by a similar method to the lens shift but changing the shape of the lens rather than its position

At present, there is no well-established timetable for developing a commercial version of this technology, nor is there any information about possible limitations, but the presence of a meta-lens patent involves sufficient interest in further research

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