Review of Apple’s Smart Speaker at a Glance

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HomePod Under Test. This week, Apple’s Smart Speaker comes on the market. After a few first short hearing tests, the comprehensive reviews of journalist colleagues from the USA, Great Britain and Australia now follow. Because there the device is initially offered. We prepare the quintessence of the test reports for you. Apparently, everyone agrees that the sound quality is a particularly thick pound, with which Apple can score. But how is Siri ordered? Will the language assistant do its job on the device? Or has the competition suspended the company from Cupertino.

To begin, let’s clarify what the HomePod can and does not do, it belongs to the group of so-called “Smart Speakers.” These are speakers that are connected to the Internet and This connectivity is complemented by a voice assistant, Amazon at Alexa, at Microsoft Cortana (yes, there are smart speakers) and at Google just the assistant.

Last one became Feeling that Apple’s Siri has fallen behind, Siri is by far the most widely spoken but it does seem to have a limited vocabulary available. It is desirable that Apple announces a major overhaul this summer at WWDC 2018. However, even before the release of the HomePod, Siri’s capacities were expanded specifically in terms of understanding music. You will find out how well Siri masters this task on the HomePod in the following overview:

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The HomePod is also low maintenance. This is not self-evident even with the most modern electrical appliances, but at Apple quite a program. In comparison to the competition, they always get a lot of power with low power consumption in all devices from Cupertino.

In addition, the Cupertino Smart Speaker is compatible with many iPhones and iPads. However, this is equivalent to using one of these devices to enable the HomePod. So it’s a bit like the Apple Watch. The setup will be a breeze.

In addition to direct access to Apple Music, your iTunes library, or podcasts, you can also use AirPlay to direct the speaker to play anything you send over this transmission path. Finally, you can even connect the Apple TV to the Smart Speaker.

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