ROCCAT reveals Vulcan mechanical keypad


Creating the brand of ROCCAT gaming accessories, the Vulcan Mechanical keyboard includes Titan's new creative mechanical switches and is praised as having the best response time between the company's products. The Vulcan Keyboard is available in three variants: Vulcan 80, Vulcan 100 AIMO and Vulcan 120 AIMO, with slightly different features

The main differences between the three Vulcan models are the illumination capabilities and the rest of the pad.

The Vulcan 80 keypad has individually controlled lighting for each key, but is limited to a single blue, blue color. The Vulcan 100 and Vulcan 120 series have RGB illumination individually controlled for each key. In addition, the Vulcan 120 features an optional magnetic palm rest

Something more compact, the Vulcan 80 keyboard does not include the visible media keygroups in the 100/120 series

Developed by ROCCAT, the Titan switches are in a transparent housing that leaves visible the mechanical components inside. According to the company, the design can be tailored to the desired characteristics, and good quality materials reduce the noise in use. Buttons with a 3.6mm stroke are activated 20% faster than competing products

At the bottom of the keys there is an anodized aluminum plate, which improves structural stiffness and wear resistance

ROCCCAT offers the new Vulcan Mechanical Keyboard priced at $ 129.99 for the Vulcan 80, up to $ 149.99 / $ 159.99 for the Vulcan 100 AIMO and Vulcan 120 series

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