Romanians have sold Amazon products worth more than 50 million dollars. Here is the recipe for success in the online store

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Romanians have reached sales of at least 50 million dollars on the Amazon platform, with top 10 sellers making more than 25 million dollars last year, Mediafax reports.

"The Amazon Platform is now the easiest way to start an e-commerce business because of the resources it offers, being the world's largest retailer. Through the FBA service, you will have a stock in the Amazon warehouse that gets there directly from the vendor, and the orders will be processed by Amazon employees. This way, you can manage your business from anywhere where you have a computer with internet connection. For independence and unlimited scalability, however, it will be necessary to diversify your sales channels, Amazon remains an important part of them, "explains Sergiu Nichitean, founder of the community

An easy product to launch on Amazon should be small, light and with few moving parts. The sale price is recommended to fall between $ 15-70. Equally important is the situation of the niche, it must have as much demand and competition as possible, says Nichitean. The wrong choice of the niche is the greatest risk for those who start a business in this new field. In the top categories with major business opportunities there are home and kitchen, sports and outdoors, children, tools and pet products

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A salesman on Amazon has three ways to activate: as an individual, a firm in Romania or a US firm. For someone at the beginning of the business, the first option is recommended, which implies a simplification of bureaucracy. In this case, listing products on Amazon is similar to the occasional sale on OLX. Additional income must be declared in statement 600 and the related tax payable.

The next step after establishing the business type recommended for those who want to grow their business is to set up a business in either Romania or the United States of America. Both options have both advantages and disadvantages, and taxes are paid to the state of the country where the company is set up

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