Sale of ZTE and Huawei phones banned in US military bases


The US government's campaign against devices produced by Chinese companies continues. After the sanctioning of ZTE and the start of research into technology sales to Iran from Huawei, the Pentagon announces that it stops marketing the devices of the two companies on US military bases around the world. This does not mean that devices can no longer be used by those who live there, but that their use is not encouraged.

The reason the US government is so opposed to Huawei and ZTE devices are primarily security, and they are likely to be used to spy on users. The US government does not yet reveal what it is doing when it makes those allegations, but it is convinced that those in the Chinese government could use these devices to affect the smooth operation of US operations

Because ZTE and Huawei devices could not be sold anywhere in the United States, stopping sales in US military bases around the world sends a much clearer message. Their use is still permitted for personal use by those living in these bases, but not for official activities.

Huawei responded to this with a statement saying that in the 170 countries it operates, the company has always applied the highest security standards and that no government has ever asked for compromising the security of its devices. ZTE has in the meantime made no statements, but the latter is facing bigger problems, as soon it will no longer be allowed to use any kind of American technology to develop products

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