Samsung and LG could launch smartphones that display sound without display

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Samsung has not jumped on the trend of cut-off phones, and if new rumors turn out to be true, it's likely to jump over this "fashion," focusing on a new innovation in display. According to the information reported by ETNews, Korea's technology publication, Samsung is in the process of developing a smartphone (proficient Galaxy S10), which can play through display and sound, not just pictures

This technology is not necessarily new, LG has been displaying televisions since CES 2017, but it's the first time we hear about its implementation in smartphones. Sound-capable displays are based on OLED panels, vibrations being used to create sounds. This system could remove another component from the top smartphones, making them easier to build and more compact accordingly. However, the frame around the display may still be higher than that of the competition.

All ETNews suggests that LG is also working on implementing this technology in its smartphones, perhaps by adapting the panels it has developed for smaller TV sets. Considering the last few releases from LG and the fact that it has lost the start a few times in some situations, it would be interesting to see what happens when the Korean manufacturer reaches the market with new technologies at about the same time as other major competitors.

Available information at this time says Samsung is testing 6.2-inch diagonal display technology, which may suggest that only the S10 Plus or Galaxy Note10 will benefit from the new technology. Unfortunately, the sound being played through the OLED panel is not exactly the best, and it can play frequencies between 100 and 8000 Hz. Probably improving sound will be a priority in the years to come.

It is rumored that Samsung will very soon launch the Galaxy X foldable model, also based on an OLED panel. It would be interesting if this model also benefits from display sound reproduction, this capability probably simplifying the complex design it will likely have.

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