Samsung Bets on Micro-LED as Alternative and Possible Replacement for OLED Technology


Capable of consuming 50% less power than the OLED alternatives set to the same brightness level, the Micro-LED screens might even go somewhere in the smartphone.

For the time being, Samsung reserves this technology for large-scale products, such as the prototype called "The Wall," a 146-inch diagonal screen designed to be deployed across the wall. Although the current implementation is considerably more expensive than OLED / LCD solutions, Samsung wants to improve technology and takes a first step in this direction by acquiring $ 16.83 million in LED chips provided by an Asian company called Sanan Optoelectronics. Indirectly, Samsung admits it can not efficiently manufacture Micro-LED chips by using its own factories, but the situation may improve next year.

For now, Samsung seems to be launching "The Wall," the first TV with Micro-LED technology before the end of this year. In the longer term, improving the manufacturing process to achieve a competitive production cost and the benefits of Micro-LED technology in terms of energy consumption could result in the gradual abandonment of OLED solutions used with high-end smartphone models, significantly improving the autonomy battery. In addition, micro-LED screens may have a much longer life than OLEDs and are less prone to damage due to the "burn in" effect caused by the prolonged display of still images or interface elements

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