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Samsung’s board accused of tax evasion. Just recently, the Samsung heritage was released prematurely from prison, as the Apple competitor gets back into the negative headlines. This time, the company’s chief executive, Lee Kun-hee, is affected. He is accused of evading taxes in excess of six million euros. He is said to have opened accounts on behalf of other board members.

At Samsung, the management seems to be more of an eye Samsung’s heir, Lee Jae Yong, was first arrested in January 2017 and has bribed high-ranking politicians and their friends, leading to his conviction in August, which actually leaves Yong in prison for five years But the company’s heritage came out prematurely and this decision caused quite a stir.

p amsung board evades taxes

A new case now shows that the Korean company has a very “revealing” corporate culture. The current CEO, Lee Kun-hee, allegedly evaded taxes in the millions.

So far, however, he has only been suspected by the Korean authorities. So long is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Accounts opened in the name of Fremder

Kun-hee is said to have opened accounts on behalf of other senior Samsung employees in order to transfer sales , But in the case of the Samsung CEO, it’s about no small matter. In fact, the tax debt, which was created by it alone, to amount to more than six million euros.

The investigation apparently goes back to the year 2011. A tax payment of more than 95 million euros should have been the trigger in consequence of which one uncovered the many foreign accounts. Kun-hee is said to have led 260 bank accounts on behalf of 72 senior employees of Samsung, reports the Reuters agency.

Person responsible must be heard

The accused must first be heard on the allegations. His health is poor after a heart attack, which is why he gave up part of his responsibility to his son. He landed, as mentioned, last in prison. His sentences were shortened before a court of appeal and ultimately revoked because of his already serving custody.

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