Samsung has sent the first invitations for a "Unpacked" series where the launch of the new Galaxy S9 is expected

Although he does not officially speak about the new device, the company offered enough suggestions in the image included in the press invitation so as to leave no room for interpretation. We do not know for sure what the hardware configuration is, but the invitation comes with the message "The Camera, Reimagined", which suggests that we will deal with a photo-optimized smartphone

The event will take place on 25 February right at the opening of the MWC 2018 exhibition held in Barcelona

According to information circulated so far, the Galaxy S9 features a single camera optical sensor, leaving the dual-camera system for the more advanced S9 + model. According to a supposed list of components reserved for the Galaxy S9, the main camera has a 12MP resolution and has variable opening lenses F / 1.5 - f / 2.4. Galaxy S9 Plus features 2 x 12MP sensors and separate lenses with f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 aperture

Both models could support slow-motion shooting with up to 480 fps at 1080p resolution. Behind the list of specifications will also be a fast battery charging technology that works in wireless mode

The front of the Galaxy S9 (perhaps the S9 Plus model) supports the 8MP resolution, features autofocus, and in the case of the Galaxy S9 also integrates iris scanning technology. Instead, the Galaxy S9 Plus will feature a separate sensor for this function.

With another month left until the official Galaxy S9 launch announcement, there are a lot of chances to find out more about the configuration and features we have prepared, with Samsung's Chinese partners being recognized for lack of discretion about major product launches

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