Samsung expects better sales for Galaxy S9, despite price


Sold in 37 million copies, the Galaxy S8 was certainly a great success for Samsung, but the South Korean company is even more confident in the potential of its replacement

Anticipating high potential for profit, Samsung outpaced the launch date of the Galaxy S9 for March (compared to April 2017 for the S8 model) and will diversify the strategy of promoting the new smartphone in hopes of attracting more buyers

Even if it is too early to draw conclusions, Samsung CEO, DJ Koh, said the reception and first impressions left by the Galaxy S9 exceed expectations. Being a reinvigoration of the Galaxy S design, the S9 + features a dual-performance dual-camera arsenal offering variable aperture, slow-motion capture capabilities and AR capabilities enhanced with a new set of interactive emoji.

However, there are plenty of arguments against it, as the Galaxy S9 is seen as a less revolutionary product than the Galaxy S8, as it has failed to convince too many fans to replace S7 phones with similar performance on the photo. But the Galaxy S9 has received significant improvements in this chapter, demonstrating that Samsung has learned from past mistakes and has taken action to achieve the most critically acclaimed aspects

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