Samsung Galaxy Note9 photographed on the go. Already has the broken screen


It was just a matter of time before the first Galaxy Note9 images came online from someone who has access to the phone before the official announcement. Unfortunately, these images are not impressive, showing the phone in a rather ... unpleasant state. This seems to confirm many of the rumors so far, but it might suggest that he does not use the new Gorilla Glass 6 as the image unit is photographed with the already broken glass on the screen.

The information that can be extracted from these photos is that the back of the device has indeed undergone the most changes, that is, the dual camera system has now been positioned above the fingerprint sensor. Otherwise, the phone looks almost identical to Galaxy Note8 last year. Being a black unit, which is quite standard, we can not know what other colors Samsung has prepared, so far, only the blue version is present in the images dropped on the internet

On the front, however, the phone has a cracked screen There are already speculations suggesting that it is a display protection applied over the original bottle, but by looking at the edges of the phone, they are similar on both sides and there seem to be no cuts to the cameras and sensors on the face, so this seems to be the bottle from the factory. Thus, this situation does not give much confidence in Samsung's new phone in terms of shock resistance, but we do not even know why it was used before the photos.

It is possible that this unit has even been used to test shock resistance, and the cracks are the result of several successive falls. Of course, there is a possibility that the one who got this prototype has escaped. Unfortunately, for the one who launched the online images, several markers that can drive the unit were visible in the images, even if the IMEI and serial code were hidden. Ironic, the message "do not leak info" from the back is also visible.

The latter might suggest that we are dealing with a false photo, the message being specially added. Until July 9, we will not know for sure whether this is really the final design of Galaxy Note9 and what kind of glass Samsung used in its construction. Considering that Gorilla Glass 6 has just been announced, there is little chance that Samsung will get components from Corning so fast. However, being the number one company on the smartphone market, there is the possibility of an agreement between the two companies.

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