Samsung Galaxy S10 with Face ID clone?

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Actually, Samsung already had it before Apple a “face recognition” on the smartphone. However, this is not a secure biometric system. It only works in two dimensions. If you hold a photo in front of the device or play a video, it will be deceived. This has not changed with the release of the Galaxy S9 (+).

Mantis Vision is working on Face Detection for Samsung

Now, the Korea Herald reports that Samsung is the Israeli start-up Mantis Vision has asked to make an alternative to Apple’s Face ID. The company apparently plans to use in the next generations of its Galaxy S smartphone. Presumably this will be the S10.

Mantis Vision works with Namuga. Among other things, it delivers 3D modules for Intel’s realSense cameras. They are already used in laptops from ASUS, HP, Dell, Lenovo and Acer.

Face detection not perfect

Apple himself emphasizes that facial recognition is not yet perfect. Even Face ID, which scans several tens of thousands of points on the face, can be deceived, for example, by twin siblings, or, for example, by the similarity that sometimes close relatives have.

Samsung has to stretch

The biggest Apple competitor has to stretch, not to lose the connection. Because the competition does not sleep. Samsung, for example, was one of the biggest losers in the tablet market in 2017, while Apple was able to sell more iPads again.

But the flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 showed that the company has no established structures. In innovation, one is often too dependent on foreign companies. In any case, with its own Exynos chip, the new S9 achieved benchmark benchmarks, some of which are worse than the iPhone 7.

The fact that the company has difficulties is not a bad assumption on our part, but the statement of the Samsung CEO , Last year, Kwon Oh-hyun hinted at his departure. At the same time, he appealed with concern that Samsung would run out of ideas in the future.

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