Samsung Galaxy S9 more stable than the iPhone X in the drop test

Samsung was very conservative in the current hardware generation. This is reflected not only in the still existing headphone port, but also in the almost unchanged design, which includes only minor detail improvement such as the position of the fingerprint sensor. Compared to its predecessor, it worked on the inner values ​​and also improved the materials. According to recent statements, the glass of the Galaxy S9 is about 20 percent thicker and also the aluminum frame was strengthened to increase the stability again. It is therefore little wonder that it was able to compete in the current case test against the iPhone X and older Galaxy models, although it also suffered bad damage. When SquareTrade tested the high-end iPhone in November, it was called "the most fragile iPhone ever."

PhoneBuff made a direct comparison and came to a different conclusion. Again, they dropped both devices from the same height and there held the iPhone X amazingly, although the back of the Galaxy S9 broke. The stainless steel frame of the iPhone convinced and also prevailed against the aluminum frame of the S9. Nevertheless, the Galaxy smartphone finally won on points, because the iPhone failed in several repetitions.

Even though all equipment used specialized equipment to achieve identical results, a drop test is never 100 percent trustworthy. A small change in the impact angle can completely change the result.

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