Samsung Galaxy S9 with Animoji

Samsung Galaxy S9 with Animoji

So far, these are just rumors of ETNews from Korea, but all of us are involved who know that many clues that were previously rumors, later apply. Especially when the publication of certain devices is approaching, the information becomes more and more concrete.

3D Emoji for Galaxy S9

According to the report, Samsung wants to offer a "better" version of 3D Emoji on its upcoming flagship smartphone. Better in comparison to Apple's Animoji on the iPhone X. Apple itself apparently wants to make its Animoji usable in iOS 12 for FaceTime.

It should be mentioned in passing that Samsung also wants to integrate stereo speakers into the smartphone, by AKG be tuned. Samsung has already released a pair of headphones for the Galaxy S8, which were developed in collaboration with AKG.

Android Prepares for the Notch

The new rumors surrounding Samsung's Galaxy S9 would be great to previous reports fit that Google plans to integrate in its operating system Android display settings for a "notch". Maybe even Samsung is the reason why Google is taking this step. If the company actually integrates facial recognition via a 3D front camera, it would also be able to recreate the animations of the faces.

Sense and Nonsense of Animoji

For many people, Animoji a gimmick. That's right. Apart from that, especially the technology behind it is extremely interesting. Already elsewhere I have emphasized that, for example, motion capture works in the same way and with the right software, the devices even more to utensils for filmmakers. For there are already some directors who use an iPhone to film.


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