Samsung has to pay $ 539 million to Apple

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Has Samsung before seven Years ago infringed five patents filed by Apple? Specifically, it is about design aspects such as rounded corners, the characteristic front of the iPhone and the division of the iOS home screen with the arrangement of the apps. The Samsung has violated these patents, has already been decided in another lawsuit. However, in the federal court in San Jose, the jury now set the level of the penalty against Samsung, as reported by Bloomberg.

Since 2011, the two companies have been in litigation in several sub-lawsuits and lawsuits. Originally, Apple even claimed a total of 2.5 billion dollars from Samsung. After a series of appeals and readmissions, this amount has now been reduced to $ 539 million.

Compared to Bloomberg, Apple was pleased with the deal: “This case was about more than just money. We firmly believe in the value of design and our team works tirelessly to develop innovative products that delight our customers. ”

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Smartphone (5.8 “Touch Display, 64GB Internal Memory, Android, Dual SIM) Coral Blue – English Version

According to Bloomberg, Samsung earns a profit of $ 38.9 million per day from the sale of smartphones. The penalty payment of $ 539 million would have brought Samsung back in just under two weeks. The group should therefore recover quickly from the outcome of the process.

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