As every year, Samsung gives details of its top smartphones before launch, but does not confirm them directly. This time, the company has provided details about its new ISOCELL photo sensors, without confirming which of them will integrate it into its new top models, the Galaxy S9 and the S9 +. On this occasion we find out that we will have to deal with phones with advanced photo capabilities, especially in the slow-motion movie.

The first sensor is ISOCELL Fast, a three-layer sensor that is capable of filming in Full HD resolution at 480 frames per second. Since the iPhone 8/8 Plus and X are the only ones that reach 240 frames per second in this resolution, the only faster room phone would remain the Xperia XZ Premium, with 1,000 frames per second in 720p. This sensor also features Dual Pixel PD (phase detection), a fast focus function.

ISOCELL Bright is a sensor that should provide improved night-time performance by combining four normal pixels into one. It could be part of an ensemble called ISOCELL Dual, which will capture more light, provide bokeh effects and keep the details of the subjects. Finally, the ISOCELL Slim will be a powerful photo slider, with a thickness of only 0.9nm, good for integration into slimmer devices

At the moment, Samsung does not confirm which of these sensors will be used to develop the two Galaxy S9 devices, but if we should guess, probably ISOCELL Fast will be on the normal model, while ISOCELL Dual will be integrated on the Galaxy S9 +. Depending on the size and capabilities required, Samsung could integrate the ISOCELL Slim sensor on the front, while one of the Dual Sensors could be an ISOCELL Bright. We'll find details about Galaxy S9 cameras sometime in February, Samsung promising a launch event at MWC 2018.

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