With the Galaxy Note9 and the new Galaxy Watch, Samsung also featured a wireless adapter with fast charging technology, capable of powering two devices simultaneously

from the idea that users will want to load both gadgets at the same time, Samsung has provided the Wireless Charger Duo with two wireless charging pads, a smaller one built into the device base, and the second, slightly larger, in the form of a phone holder.

Each stand can deliver 12W power in Fast Charge mode, standard wireless feed technology allowing for charging of any compatible device even if it is not produced by Samsung

It is worth mentioning that Samsung also offers a dual wireless adapter with similar charging power specifications. The new product takes over the idea of ​​Apple, involved in the design of the Logitech POWERED adapter, a product that also lets you watch movies on your iPhone while it is being charged.

Probably the price you requested by Samsung for the Wireless Charger Duo adapter will be similar to the current model, available for about $ 50.

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