Samsung may give up the S-series brand from next year


According to unofficial information, the Galaxy S9 will be the latest Samsung smartphone launched under the S-series brand used by the company since the first Galaxy S launched in 2010.

Apparently, the reason for this change is to associate the Galaxy S10 with the Roman symbol for the 10th point, resulting in the name Galaxy X. Of course, no one in Samsung's leadership would admit that the name chosen would have anything to do with Apple's iPhone model last year

The official explanation is that Samsung drops the letter "S" from the name Galaxy S to make shorter and easier to memorize the names of future products. But in the short term, the change generates confusion among fans, with earlier rumors associating the name Galaxy X with a whole new range of Samsung phones with a foldable screen

In fact, the Galaxy X could be used for the entire range of products expected so far to be included under the S-series brand, offering models such as Samsung Galaxy X, Galaxy X Plus and Galaxy X Foldable. Of course, there is the possibility that Samsung can use a completely different label for the series of foldable phones, thus ensuring a clearer differentiation from conventional design products

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